Alice in Wonderland

Did anyone here read or watch (Disney’s Cartoon) Alice in Wonderland? Because EVERYONE is talking about this new movie, directed by Tim Burton, who happens to be the director of this weird film I love: Edward Scissorhands.

When I saw the movie I felt (even today, actually)… I felt like WTF?

That’s how it all starts: the girl is sitting listening to some boring history lesson, the book besides being boring had no image at all. So, she suddenly starts talking with her cat about how it would be cool if she had a world of her own. Then (as in any Disney Movie), she starts to sing and walk around, til she realizes that a rabbit rushed by her, wearing strange clothes (not to count the fact that the rabbit talks). She follows the rabbit and then fall in a weird hole inside a tree… and from there the craziness starts. I swear this is true.

Cool thing is: she falls into this hole and she does like “Cool, see ya later“. LoL.

Well, I can’t deny that both, book and movie, are very interesting.

I’m excited to see the movie because of the 3D, ‘cause when I watched Avatar I only saw those litlle things flying back and there. And I had to admit, the trailer of Alice in Wonderland in 3D was way cooler than Avatar 3D effects (call me crazy)… I mean did you see the freaking cat? AWESOME.

Speaking in 3D… anyone out there who wears glasses can watch any 3D movie? Almost Impossible! That freaks me out! Damn you, Myopia!

Down there you see the trailer (better late than never):