Date Night

After a while without showing up, here she comes, from the melancholy haze, her pale skin and sparkling brown eyes: MIA! HIUAHAHUIA /closewriterstyle.

I came back to write about this movie I saw recently. Here we go:

Date Night

One word to describe the movie: FUN. Steve Carell (The Office, The 40 Year Old Virgin) is just awesome. He and Tina Fey, has a very nice chemistry. The story of the film:

A couple have lived their boring marriage life (Clair Foster says they are the most boring couple in the world). Phil discovers that a couple of friends is about to divorce and scared that this might happen to him, decides to break the routine. So he takes his wife out to a fancy restaurant far from home (in Manhattan, they live in New Jersey) and, without reservation, they didn’t get a table. And what happens? They pretend they are a couple who had reservations, but didn’t appear: the TripleHorns (LoL).

It turns out that in the middle of the meal, they are interrupted by two guys who want to talk with Mr. and Mrs. Triplehorn. They follow the guys and discover that Triplehorns are involved in a scheme with a  man called Joe Miletto. The guys want a Flash Drive, which of course, Foster’s hasn’t.

And Phil and Claire Foster, end up having to solve all the confusion that Triplehorn got into in order to recover the Flash Drive.

No, I will not spoil the movie and tell everything that happens, because this is one of those movies that worth your money. I laughed out lound PLUS Mark Wahlberg shirtless for a long time, well worth it. The trailer you see below. I SAY: WATCH IT!