The Social Network

I was very curious to see The Social Network, because everybody is talking about it and about the movie director, David Fincher (Fight Club).

Yeah, fine, but to me… well, I was more interessed in see Justin Timberlake improving his acting skills than check how brilhant is Fincher directing something. I mean, I’m a JT fan, but there’s a boundary… I’m not so entusiastic about Justin acting =/

So, of course, I saw the movie. Movie has this slogan: You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.

Acording with the script writer, Aaron Sorkin:

This is not a film about the internet and new technologies, but a film about loyalty, ambition, friendship, power, money, jealousy and betrayal. These are universal themes. It is a story that could have been written by Shakespeare or Aeschylus. The film is structured with various versions of reality, depending on the point of view of the narrator. David Fincher is a visionary director who knew how to make my script a fantastic story in terms of style.

So, to summarize: the movie is about a bunch of nerds who finds themselves so much better than you (I don’t have a 25bilion company, so this can even be true). They will be very rich and you will stay the same, although after seeing the movie, you will try to come up with some bilionaires ideas (I’m not kidding).

PS: O JT was good, after all.
PS2: I’m back!
PS3: Am I the only person who thought the movie was so very freaking BORING? ZZZZzzzzzZzzzzz