Sup, guys! After a very long time absent (a fancy word to ‘working too hard and way too lazy in spare times), I am back. Buuuuut, I just got back  to trash that movie.. Seriously, how come a movie with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl cold be that lame?


If you don’t want to know what the movie is about (SPOILERS) or see a bunch of pictures… what the hell are doing in this post? LoL

Ok, first things first: Spencer (Kutcher) is a CIA agent, hired to kill people. So he goes to Paris to complet one of his missions and there he meets Jen (Kath) and instantly falls for her (oh, yeah, sure, that happens all the time — in movies). So, they marry and he quits his old job. Then the movie fowards 3 years and someone tries to kill Spencer. Jen finds out about his past and then… well, thats pretty much all the movie, sorry.

Ok, they could have done a cool movie with this premise, but NOOO. They didn’t!

ps: please credit my blog if you are going to use those caps.

The movie starts showing us Jen on a airplane going to Paris and talking to her parents, they say she broke up with her old boyfriend because she was so full of rules and PLEASE-DON’T-TOUCH-ME.

Next cene is Spencer driving his Ferrari while chasing a helicopter… killers aren’t supposed to stay LOW PROFILE or something? haha

Look at the bad guy haha, He had no time to do anything in the movie. RIP.

PS: Richard, is that you? haihaiuhuia Friends fans will get the hint. Same old mustache.

Below, we see the very best part of the movie. Because of the obvious.

Look at this hotel (if this is 3D I’m going to be very dissapointed with Paris!):

Okay, more Ashton to cheer me up!:

Oh, yeah. There is like 2 or 3 good parts of the movie and then we done. I didn’t laugh at any of them. I almost didn’t watch the whole movie… just did because of this post! ARGH!

I won’t talk much about it, ‘cause it doens’t deserve! After this meeting at the elevator, they go out to dinner and that’s it. LOVE HAPPENS. The story is very disparate and sometimes incoherent. It has nothing suspenseful or funny, or real good action. You do not feel the movie pass by, it practically crawls like a zombie in front of you. It’s just weird, guys.

Some more weird facts about it: Spencer leaves it all for Jen, despite having just met her. There comes a moment in the film where practically everybody’s trying to kill Spencer. Jen learns to handle weapons magically and suddenly became the bad-ass chick. All the assassins hired to kill Spencer are really, really, really… so dumb (for real). At some point you start to fell like everyone is a spie (that should be good for other movies, not this one). At some point you start to wonder why the hired assassins waited 3 years to kill Spencer…

Then a while after you aks this question to yourself, we find out why. Look who send them to kill Spencer:

¬¬’   Are you serious, my boy?

And the worst is that Jen’s father ends up killing the guys that he has hired to kill Spencer. FUCK! WHO THE HELL WROTE THIS?

Oh, yeah. What about Usher, uh? I like his dimples =D

Ok, so there’s nothing else to say about it,  but I took some cool caps you may like.

Don’t you instantly remember Chandler when you see this?

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